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My Favorite Cookbook of 2023 + More

As 2023 comes to a close I wanted to share what new cookbooks, products, and gift sets were my favorites - and yours! While we love all of the brands and authors we carry, it's fun to talk about some of the books and items we are continuously reaching for. 

My Favorite Cookbook of the Year: Table for Two: Recipes for the Ones You Love

Bre Graham's first cookbook is my favorite of the year. I love everything about this book and already cooking my way through it. It's always super exciting when you find a cookbook where you want to actually make every. single. thing. If you are a pasta lover, you will be as pumped as I was to find recipes for Spaghetti Vongole, Black Pepper and Artichoke Fettuccini, Smoked Chili and Vodka Rigatoni and many more. Recipes to uplevel breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, dinner, and dessert. Illustrated essays and multi-course menus throughout for those extra special occasions. Its beautifully designed and a joy to read through. 

There recipes are uncomplicated but delicious (Steak for Two, Crepes Suzette to name a few more) and will impress and delight the ones you love. Higggghhhhly highly recommend!

Artichoke and Black Pepper Fettuccine

Steak for Two

Crepes Suzette

My Favorite Pantry New Item: Sauz Summer Lemon Marinara

The Sauz Summer Lemon marinara has been a favorite of mine this year. It has clean ingredients and tastes homemade. Like summer in a jar. It's obviously perfect over pasta but I am also using it over chicken meatballs, tossed with roasted vegetables, and even as a side sauce to dip a crusty piece of fresh bread. It's sooooo good. The addition of lemon to marinara adds such a brightness especially appreciated during these dark winter months.  

Most Ordered Product of 2023: Indian Gulab Jamun Syrup

It's so fun to see what products are most loved by our customers. This year the Indian Gulab Jamun was the most ordered pantry item. Inspired by the popular Indian desert, Gulab Jamun, this syrup brings notes of cardamom, saffron, and rose to whatever you wish! Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Cardamom, Saffron, Rose Petals. Pair 1 tablespoon of syrup with your Transcendence Coffee espresso and milk of choice for a handcrafted flavored latte experience.


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