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Pizza Flour


Note this item expires on July 14, 2024

From Hayden Flour Mills:

Since Hayden Flour Mills got its start in the back of Chris Bianco's restaurant, pizza is near and dear to our hearts. Our Pizza Flour features the perfect balance of freshly stone milled, lightly sifted White Sonora and Blue Beard Durum whole grain flours, which makes for a smooth texture and flavorful, crispy crust. White Sonora is the oldest wheat variety in North America and Blue Beard Durum is a rare drought-tolerant durum that delivers a soft, honey flavor.

You’ve mastered the art of cooking the perfect artisan pizza. Now it’s time to take it to the next level, infusing your crust with the flavor of heritage grains. Once you make the switch to our Pizza Flour, your guests will be fighting over the last remnants of crust so flavorful, it puts the toppings to shame.

Protein: 11.9%
Moisture: 9.8%

Arizona Grown | Freshly Milled | Non-GMO

Pizza Flour