Come visit us at the Louis Mart pop-up now through October // Thursday-Saturday 11-6 // 1459 Bagley St. Detroit

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Pamban Original Chai


Original Chai - The Authentic Chai Experience

Make chai the traditional way on the stove. 100% natural ingredients which are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants resulting in a proper authentic balanced chai!

Brew & Strain Method

*Great Taste Award Winner*

Authentic chai - Vegan - Gluten Free - Perfect with Milk or Non Dairy

Made in United Kingdom

Pamban is a an award winning speciality chai and coffee house on a mission to celebrate the fun and complexity of chai, with the goal to bring proper chai into the coffee scene, the home and beyond! The name is inspired by an island in-between India & Sri Lanka, with strong British ties and representative of the founders heritage.

Pamban Original Chai