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"We are a family-run business based in Southern France (Albi) specializing in producing high-end, 100% organic jams with an emphasis on fruits. Our products focus on taste as well as health. New manufacturing techniques enable us to reach unprecedented rich and vibrant flavors. As a result our products have the highest concentrations of fruits on the market (70% +), and, at the same time, the lowest total sugar content, using only the best organic fruit and ingredients."

Fig with Grilled Pecan Nuts (50G)
Violet figs are long macerated in cane sugar and slowly heated giving a confit and smooth texture. Finally, grilled and hand crushed pecan nuts are incorporated, perfecting the taste as well as adding a crunch.

Morello Cherry Matcha Tea (50G)
Tiny, acidic, and confit Morello cherries are slowly braised with matcha tea, which is known to reduce cholesterol levels as well as prevent the development of heart and circulatory diseases.

Blackberry (50G)
Wild Blackberry is sufficient in itself, with its woody and acidic flavors. While it will find a home on toast, this jam is also often served with cheese. This berry is also full of antioxidants. The seeds are removed for a more enjoyable experience.

Banana Vanilla Rum and Acai (50G)
Bananas sourced from the Dominican Republic and Bourbon vanilla are caramelized and then deglazed with amber rum in order to obtain both the taste and texture of the flamed bananas Acai berries, known in South America for their antioxidant and energizing properties, add flavors of red berries and chocolate.

Vanilla Milk (50G)
The Dulce de Leche recipe originated in Argentina. It is known for the very long, slow heating of unpasteurized milk with unrefined cane sugar. The addition of pods of Bourbon vanilla and grains of “fleur de sel” from Guérande (France) give caramel cream flavors to its unctuous texture.

Apple Caramel and Fleur de Sel (50G)
A recipe originating from Normandy and Brittany (France) where apples are slowly heated in a caramel prepared with grains of “fleur de sel” (sea salt) from Guérande.

Tea Rose Lychee (50G)
The rose and lychee tea is immersed at a very precise temperature for the delicate aromas of the lychee and rose to be released and captured. Rose petals and lychees are also added at a later stage to obtain a more refined taste. This confit goes very well with fruit salads or even fresh cheese.

Orange with Bergamot and Maca (50G)
Sweet oranges are combined with bergamot, a strongly flavored citrus fruit from Calabria (Italy), giving a mouthful of freshness with savory undertones. Maca, native to the high Andes mountains in South America, is also known as the Peruvian ginseng. It adds fantastic health properties as well as a very gentle, spicy taste.

Lemon Thyme (50G)
Lemon thyme is slightly acidic with a citrus aroma delivering a strong blend of flavors. It has digestive and antifungal health benefits. Thanks to its citrus taste, it goes very well with fish, salads, or even desserts.

 All made in France.